Lake Placid Curling Club Rules for League Play

United States Curling Association:

League games shall be played in accordance with USCA rules. Some of the more significant rules are mentioned below. Most of the following rules are in addition to the USCA rules and represent the Lake Placid Curling Club's adaptation of the USCA rules.

Length of game:

  • All Games to be 8 Ends.
  • Coin toss by Leads shall determine Hammer.
  • No end may be started after 5:55 PM.
  • Tie games may be resolved by an extra end if the End is started before 5:55 PM.
  • Ties may be resolved by Skips each throwing one stone with sweeping after 5:55 PM.
  • No tie breakers may start after 6:05 PM.
  • The game score shall be determined by the score of the last completed End if a full eight Ends are not completed.

Team Composition:

  • A legal team shall be missing no more than two original team members to play a league game.
  • A team missing more than two of its original members shall forfeit.
  • Team members arriving after the first stone of an end is released may not enter the game until the start of the next end.
  • If a sub has replaced a missing team member, the sub will continue the game even if the team member arrives late.
  • If a game has been forfeited and a team member arrives late the game shall remain forfeited.
  • A substitute player may come into the game at any position.
  • Team positions may not be changed during a game.
  • If a team plays as a team of three the Lead and 2nd/Vice shall each deliver 3 stones.

Free Guard Zone:

  • A stone must touch the near “T” line to be in play.
  • Any stone has not been “in play” at the delivery end may be redelivered.
  • A stone must fully cross the far Hog line or hit a stone that is in play to stay in play.
  • A stone is out of play when it fully crosses the back line.
  • A stone that touches a side line drawn half way between the Houses, at the T line, is out of play.
  • A stone in the Free Guard Zone (the area between the far Hog line and the back line, but not in the House) may not be removed from play by the opposing team until the delivery of the 5th stone of the end.
  • A Free Guard Zone stone, belonging to the opposing team, may be advanced as long as it stays in play.
  • A Free Guard Zone stone which is removed from play by the opposing team shall be replaced and the stone of the offending team shall be removed from play.


  • A team may sweep their stones at any time after it has left the hand of the delivering player except behind the “T” line.
  • Any ONE player may sweep their stone behind the “T” line.
  • Only the player in charge of the House may sweep the opponents stone behind the “T” line.
  • The owning team has preference in sweeping but may not impede sweeping by the other team.

Burnt Stones:

  • A running stone shall be considered “Burnt” if it is touched by any part of a curler's body, clothing or equipment after it has been released in delivery.
  • A stone which is “Burnt” BEFORE crossing the far Hog line shall be called as “Burnt “ and immediately removed from play.
  • A stone which is “Burnt” AFTER crossing the far Hog line shall be called as “Burnt” but left to run.
  • The non-offending Skip shall determine if a stone which is “Burnt” AFTER crossing the far Hog line shall be left as it lays OR removed from play and the other stones replace to their original position OR placed where it is reasonable to believe it would have come to rest had the infraction not occurred.


  • The Vice Skips shall determine and record the score on the score board and score sheet.
  • ONLY the Vice Skips may be in the House while the score is being determined.
  • If a measurement is needed ALL OTHER PLAYERS remain beyond the Hog line until the score is determined.
  • Vice Skips will turn in signed score sheets to the League record keeper at the end of each game.

League Standings:

  • WIN/LOSS record shall determine league standings.
  • In the event of a tie, the team having won the head to head league game shall be ranked higher.
  • In the event of a tie that cannot be resolved by the head to head results, shall determine each teams ranking by ranking points.
  • Ranking Points are computed as follows:
    • 3.0 points to the winning team
    • 0.5 points for each end won by either team (retaining the hammer on a blank end is considered a won end)
    • 1/2 the difference in the score (up to a maximum of 3 points) to the winning team
    • 6.0 points to the winning team in a forfeited match
    • 1.5 points to the team forfeiting a match


  • All players are expected to embrace the spirit of curling and conduct themselves accordingly.
  • If a player is being a distraction to other players during a game, skips should be informed and discuss the behavior with their team member.
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