Curling began many centuries ago on the lakes of Scotland.  Over the centuries it has evolved into the modern game played in many countries around the world.  However, much of the Scottish customs and Scottish lore remains.  The stone are all now a standard weight of 42 pounds.  The twigs formerly used to sweep debris from the path of the stone are now modern brooms for melting the ice to control both distance and direction of the stone.

Curling was introduced to North America during the French and Indian War when Scottish Highlander troops besieging Quebec spent their idle hours curling on the St. Lawrence River.  The Canadians readily took to the game and today Canada is the curling capital of the world with over one million active participants.  The first US Curling club was established in 1831 and during the mid-1800's curling was a regular activity on Central Park Lake in New York City.  In the early 1900's curling began to come indoors from the lakes as permanent indoor rinks were built throughout the US and Canada.

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