The Betsy Whitefield President's Bowl is awarded to the Division 'A' Champions. The Division 'A' Champions are the members of the team who defeats the top half of the Regular Season Standings in post season play.

2013-14 Team Stearns - Bryan Stearns, Amber McKernan, Jeff McLean
2012-13 Team McCabe - Tom McCabe, Mac Rand, Michelle Brown-Garcia, Colleen Porter
2011-12 Team Tom McKernan - Tom McKernan, Beth Benson, Michelle Brown-Garcia, Loring Porter
2010-11 Team Pete Benson - Pete Benson, Eric Damour, Phyllis Magnus, Sandy Ragozzine
2009-10 Team Whitefield - Betsy Whitefield, Luke Hudak, Sarah Wardner, Bill Dennison
2008-09 Team Hanna - Bob Hanna, Andrew Chary, Sarah Wardner, Luke Hudak


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